What Transmission Components and Engine Types are ideal for you?

What is Engine Transmission Components?

Engine transmission components are the components which transmits power from engine to the wheel of the automobile, in two wheelers, the engine transmission components are clutch, gears, shafts, etc. and in four wheelers, the transmission components are clutches, power train (gears, shafts), propeller shaft, axel etc.

Common types of Engine Transmissions

  • Automatic Transmission
  • Manual Transmission
  • CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)
  • Semi Automatic Transmission

 Engine Transmission Components

There are various types of components like:

  • Gear Blanks
  • Stub Axle
  • Shafts
  • Boss rotors
  1. Gear Blanks: Gear Blanks are the input for gear manufacturing process. Before hobbling, broaching, and other heat treatment processes of Gear manufacturing process, Gear blanks are developed. It is very commonly said and understood that the quality of gear depends highly on forgings or forged gear blanks.
  2. Stub Axle: A stub axle is one of the two front axles that Carrie a wheel in a rear wheel drive vehicle. The stub axle consists of wheel bearings which support the wheel hub. The axle is capable of limited angular movement about the kingpin for steering the vehicle.

It is interesting to know that Stub Axle resembles the shape of a stub, like a truncated end of an axle, short in shape and blunt and there for the name Stub Axle.

  1. Shafts: Counter shafts transmit motion from the main shaft of a machine to a working part like the motor or the driveshaft. They are intermediate shafts and are adjacent to the main shaft of the manual gear box. The basic application of Counter shafts is to reverse the direction of rotation. Countershaft is so important that without it reverse gear would not be there.
  2. Boss Rotor: In order to understand Boss Rotors (European), it would be important to understand Magneto Assembly first. A magneto is an electrical generator, and it uses produces periodic pulses of alternating current using permanent magnets. Boss Rotor manufacturing is usually done for Magneto Assembly for motorcycles and 2 wheelers.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides a comfortable driving experience


  • Expensive to repair
  • Unsuitable for use in off-road environment
  • Complex in nature


Here I have discussed 4 types of engine transmissions components. It must also be understood that different car companies have different designs which make each unique to the builder, however they are based on the same basic principles of the systems discussed here.

The engine transmission is a great innovation and will have a great effect on the car industry and on society in general. I say this because of the numerous benefits to using the continuously variable transmission. The improved fuel consumption and improved control of the engine’s speed range will help to reduce gas emissions (greenhouse gases) which will be better for our climate and our environment.


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