Best ERP Software for Preschools


Preschool is one big milestone from a baby to a child who is ready to explore the world and learn a lot of new things and it is the place where children go before kindergarten. It isn’t required, but a lot of parents consider this a big benefit; and good way of positively commencing their child’s education. Owning & operating preschool needs plenty of dedication, hard work, and best preschool software in the market. The preschools have got some specific requirements than the big K-12 school, thus the generic software doesn’t fit well. There are some tailor-made best ERP software for preschoolsIt’s engineered and crafted specifically considering the preschools & franchiser requirements. This platform understands the preschools and offers all required technology for making preschools more efficient & successful.

Manager of the preschool has got a lot of responsibilities to look after to stay in the business. First, they have to be licensed and need to have the qualified preschool teachers, balanced curriculum and they need to ensure that learning space is clean, well maintained and hygienic. Customers will be the parents, and there will not tolerate anything less.

What’s Preschool Management Software?

Preschool Management Software or Childcare Software is a childhood education automation tool kit that is designed to allow nursery administrator to handle every day administrative tasks like kids’ admission, attendance management, school van or bus GPS tracking, classroom activities, fees collection, publishing results, assignment creation, Certificate and report card generation and more.

Simple for Management and Impressive to Parents and Staff

Simple Registration

Staff and child enrollment are made simple with the flexible admission procedure direct and online. Manage immunization records, child profile, emergency contact, family details, and more with the best preschool ERP software.

Child Activity and Development

Tracking of your child activity is made easy with help of the activity management module. The parents will get instant SMS throughout a day, any emergency alerts, update on their child’s performance as well as get daily report to the parent’s portal.

Parent Engagement

The child care centers will send out event or holiday notification to a parent, a group of parents and all parents by one click of a button. Since parents will get a daily update on the child’s growth and take important action even at home.

Record Management

Right from the staff registration, behaviour tracking, scheduling, qualification, review reports, family details, leave status to generate pay slip all of the staff management procedure is on the fingertip. It is totally effortless!

Advantages of the best ERP software for Preschools

There’re many benefits that the preschools will get from using best ERP software for preschool.

● Firstly, through the help of this software, management will have all legal documents in just one quick & accessible area so anybody asking for any information will get it right away. This can make discussions simple as well as access to legal documents to offer proof is made simple.

● As the environment should be clean and hygienic, preschool will get help from this software to make sure it is in proper order. System helps to monitor cleaning or any repairs to be done within the school. It ensures that everything is cleaned in the expected time frame and required repairs are done when it has to be.

● This software makes running the preschool simple compared to running the whole thing manually.

Features of Using ERP Software for Preschool

ERP is everywhere across internet; you do not need any hardcore downloads or requirements and is also compatible with major web browsers. It means you don’t need to invest at any additional items.

Payroll: Ensure staff are paid correctly with the real time Payroll. Easy setup & direct back payment across the web. It allows you to manage the finances better as well as know how much will be required to cover salaries for the employees.

Finance Reports: Run important financial reports of all the finical areas of Preschool. Ensure all budgets are properly aligned. It allows the smart financial choices to make preventing unforeseen losses.

Overall quality of the program will get improved

Will software be able do that? Totally. Better business practices & administrative management can elevate general quality of services that you offer. Very much like offering PD opportunities for staff members to help them to sharpen their craft, and giving internal systems the overhaul can improve the quality of the program all along with this. Using the best technology signs that you’re the modern program that is something prospective and current customers care about. Embracing the top-rated and high-quality software solution like Entab states that your program will choose nothing but the best.

The best ERP Preschool software is the modern day and must-have solution for any early childhood program. No matter whether you are running the daycare program, preschool, or child care center, one must look for the right software solution for any kind of help. In order, to get started, you will have to look to your needs and select the best software for your school program. To an end, we have got the detailed guide that will help you make the right decision.

Common Functionality of the Preschool Management Software

Most of the child care management software will come up with some and all the following capabilities:

Admissions & scheduling

● Offers widgets & calendars for scheduling the classes and enrollment or registration

Billing & payments

● Allows the users to carry out billing & invoicing, track the account balances as well as past-due payments, make & print payment reports, and post payment.

● Provides complete support for the multiple online & in-person payment techniques, which includes a check, cash, money order or credit cards

Tracking Immunization

● Tracks & stores child’s immunization records, which includes past, current or completed vaccinations & immunization due dates


● Create reports and offers alerts for kid’s birthdays.

● Creates reports on the class statistics, revenue summaries (class type or size), financial transactions and attendance.

Employee management and attendance

● It facilitates employee’s check-in & check-out; look at employee hours and stores pay rates as well as other staffing details at the organization-wide & location-specific levels.


● Enables users to keep the parents informed about the child’s activities through mobile application alerts, text messages or emails.

Meal management

● There are some systems that provide menu planning, nutrition analysis functionality and meal tracking.

Activity planning

● Allows staff to make lesson plans and activity plans beforehand.

Cloud-Based and On-Premise

There are two important pricing models that are prevalent in the market. Choose the one that fits your business model and budget:

Cloud-based ERP software – Such solutions are generally priced on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Also, they need low and no upfront investment, or vendors handle system updates and maintenance. This choice is best for the small and midsize businesses, which might not have the resources of investing in or managing on-premise system.

On-premise solution – Such systems generally need buying the perpetual license for the substantial upfront fee. There’re not any recurring license fees, however. extra fees might apply for the implementation assistance, support, maintenance, and updates.


Running a preschool isn’t the simple task as there are plenty of legalities that have to be considered as well as customers are demanding quality of service as they’re entrusting you for their children. It’s thus a good idea to use this preschool management and accounting software that can help you to run things efficiently and smoothly. Doesn’t matter which software you select, over a period of time, costing for the models generally tends to converge. So, you need to check out the total cost of ownership calculator and know more.


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