School Management Software Trends in 2019

Technology is changing quickly in a way we communicate and act as a team. Education is something, which may change the whole world in a positive way.


School Management Software actually play fundamental role that will benefit our education system by offering amazing features and capabilities to mechanize the processes. Today, it has become the practice other than the need. Parents, teachers, and students want the online school management software to check on the student’s academic progress. This has simplified several complex administrative and management tasks even for the staff. Let us read more about the different features and trends of the School Management Software. Some recent trends that are happening in the field of the school management software will include –

1. Mobile Application

Before kids were born with a silver spoon but today kids are born with huge knowledge of gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. Children are able to operate any new device effortlessly. The studies have proved that learning digitally improves the remembering power of the students. Even teachers are forced for delivering content in the precise way and upload the same on the online portal. Students may learn much faster with visual aids, which isn’t possible through the black-board learning. With the new technologies, the context-driven education will become a reality. The students will be taught about their language, culture and region that depend on the location. The mobile phones have actually taken the whole world by storm. Children and adults have access to mobile phones and related applications. Top school ERP software firms like Entab are gearing up to offer their software in a form of the school software mobile apps. It has resulted in many features and modules of the school management software 2019 getting accessible anytime & anywhere to the respective stakeholders.

2. Play & Learn Methodology

For children playing games on their mobile phones is fun. However, what if they also learn when they are playing these games? Yes, today startups have got innovative ideas that will combine studies & frolic activities together. And games are made keeping in mind grades and age of the students. They give an opportunity of learning some new concepts as well as solve any difficult puzzles to get through the knowledge of this subject.

3. Combination Of Existing Systems

At times, schools get the routine administrative activities such as finance & accounting, attendance, communication, etc. managed by using different types of the school management software. In these situations, the school ERP software firms must provide simple integrations with the software already used by the schools rather than completely replacing it with a new one. 

4. Immediate Messaging & Mails

In addition to helping students, school management software engages parents also. The facilities such as instant messaging & mails are the best way of increasing interaction between the parents & teachers. It ensures transparency in the education system. Parents will get a detailed report of the child’s progress on a periodic basis online. So, they can login to the online school management software portal or get the reports through mails.

5. Automated School Activities

The School Management software has come with the new trends of helping school staff. The automation of the online fee collection, library management, transportation management, and salary distribution and attendance records has ensured that these processes are faster and accurate to complete.

6. Handling Huge Data

With the institutions becoming bigger day-by-day because of the huge number of students being enrolled, there comes an issue to handle large amount of data of students, teachers, and parents. The school management software firms are ensuring that they develop the software by using cloud storage that has the ability of handling huge volume of data efficiently and without any kind of technical glitches.

7. Cloud Based Software Application

Many schools & universities have now shifted the base to cloud based storage operations. Several small & medium sized schools have now started using the cloud based services for storing the data & information. It has made possible to access data at anytime and from anywhere. At times there are some issues about the data security, however, there are also the solutions that are available to ensure there is no data breach take place.

8. Analytics

Analytics can be used by each and every industry to function in an efficient way, as it uses the data from various sources as well as gives exact information in the statistical format for the purpose of the organizational decision making. And for this reason, even school management software firms are trying hard to bring analytics in force in certain modules like the examination results, payroll, attendance, finance and more.

9. Online Payment

With the advent of the internet and computers, now people prefer doing their payments on the internet from their own place. Staying in line with the current trend, the school management software firms are providing payment feature facility online by using credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets and net banking along with some standard features that are offered by this software.

10. Interactive Learning Sessions

For students & teachers to bridge their between, the school ERP software companies have now come up with some amazing feature known as ‘Interactive Learning’. Components of the interactive learning will include social media tools, blogs, subject-related games, lesson videos, and group discussions in online forums, and all will help the students to know and retain their subjects in a better way.

Future of School Management Software

School management software 2019 has made some notable differences. Use of different software for the school management can allow students to network with the learning communities from all over the world. The students all over the world with the same learning styles and interests will be able to connect with the help of this software, and creating the interactive and diverse learning culture. This won’t just give students the wider exposure to various cultures, but will lead to the collaboration of different ideas across the borders.

In the next 20 years, the students may incorporate a lot of independence into their learning procedure, and mentoring will become highly fundamental to the student success. The teachers may form the central point in this world of information that students will pave the way through. Although the future of education appears remote, teacher & educational institution are very important for the academic performance.


The demands and needs of the educational institutions may keep on changing quickly with each passing day. The school management software firms like Entab must look in the new trends that are happening in the educational industry so that they are ahead of this curve compared to the counterparts who offer similar software.


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