4 Important Facts of Video Marketing to Create Immediate SEO Results

Video has become an important feature for those who are concerned with SEO, CRO, etc. So here arising question is how video marketing does affect your site’s video and how can you use it in your content marketing strategy? So here are the 4 important keys to climb the search engine rankings:

  • Improved SERP rank
  • Higher CTR
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Quality backlinks

Video rank in SERP

Ranking on the Google’s first page is an SEO’s top priority. But now also Google SERPs prioritize video results. The way that most people use the internet fundamentally changed, and the shift toward helpful video content in SERPs is still in full wave.

For video SERP:

  • Keep your video short
  • Create Rich-Video Snippets
  • Reproduce your script

Video make people click

After study it shows that search results with video have a “41% higher click-through rate than plain text.” This happens primarily because of rich-video snippets beside search results. You’ve worked hard to create a valuable video, so read the traffic by embedding the video directly to your site like you tube vimeo increased reach.

For high CTR:

  • Embed video directly to your site
  • Add rich video snippets

Videos make your pages sticky

high bounce rate, people leaving your domain after viewing a single page, will hurt your site’s SERP ranking. Video is the easiest way to make people stay. The longer a user spends on a site, the more likely the content is relevant to their query. Google gives relevant sites more punch via “Page Authority.”

To reduce bounce rate:

  • Embed video “Above the Fold”
  • Use accurate video titles

Videos build link

Casey Henry at Moz said, “Having a video compared to just text will almost triple the average number of linking domains.” Awesome, video generates links. But why ?

People are the ones creating links to your content – not bots – and people like video. Videos are informative, but easy to consume. People like video because it is useful.

For link building:

  • Embed your video
  • Focus your video on a single topic
  • Create high quality video

Quality video marketing will improve the way you approach SEO. Thoughtfully supplement your inbound marketing strategy with video, and watch your website’s search rankings climb high.


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