5 Ultimate Free Social Media Management Tools For 2017



If the answer to the above question is yes then do read this blog because we will be sharing some really well researched high-quality information that can transform your social media campaigning.

Companies these days manage a variety of social media accounts to share their news and keep themselves on top of every trend. A major marketing shift is happening where companies are using the power of social media to not just engage with their follower base but also use it for branding.

Social media marketing is all about creating engaging content then distributing on various social media channels by scheduling and monitoring the results. There are various tools available which can help you manage everything related to social media at very small price.

Following are the list of tools which help in enhancing the social media marketing:


  1. Canva:This is an indispensable drag and drop design tool which is largely free to use. This tool can help you effortlessly design professional and awesome looking artworks which can instantly strike a chord with your audience.
  2. SocialPilot: This is a super cool social media scheduling tool. They provide a 2 week free trial with no credit card required and they have very cheap paid plans which can put your social media on full autopilot mode. SocialPilot has a free account option too but with a small investment, you can unlock the immense value of the tool. This tool provides amazing analytics interface with rich data visualisation ability. There are many other popular tools like Buffer and Hootsuite that does the same job but all those tools are comparatively very expensive as compared with SocialPilot. You can visit and book your free trialhere.
  3. Hashtagify: Hashtags are a powerhouse of acquiring free followers. Well researched hashtags can significantly amplify your post reach. Hashtagify helps in researching hashtags by showing the popularity score along with related hashtags. The basic version of Hashtagify is free.
  4. EMV headline Analyser: EMV stands for Emotional Marketing Value. This is a free tool that helps you in analysing headlines and it gives a score out of 100. This is a popular copywriting tool which is extremely popular amongst some of the internet marketers worldwide.
  5. Buzz Sumo: This a content research tool which helps in discovering top trending content along with key influencers. This tool not just a killer social media tool but also an important SEO tool as it gives lots of high-value information like backlinks, complete social sharing signal, publisher etc.




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