Why Pinewood Furniture? – Benefits of pinewood

If you’re looking for an affordable material that can be used for a wide range of construction projects, then pine is the answer for you. It has the strength to support a residential frame construction, but it is a soft wood, malleable and easy to work with. The unfinished wood also sells cheaper than other kinds of wood and that makes it quite popular. As suggested, pine is easily stained and therefore is ideal to be coated with paint or varnish. The pine wood could easily achieve a great finish. Its natural looks also contribute to making the furniture look really attractive and add that beautiful look to your home decor.

Additionally, this type of wood is flexible in that it can be easily painted to match a room. It can also be repainted again and again depending on the changing preferences of the user.

In conclusion, when compared to other wood types, pine is much more pliable in that it can be easily manipulated. If manufactured excellently, a piece of pine wood furniture can last for a very long time.

5 Benefits of Pinewood:

  1. Pinewood is affordable: It is inexpensive and easily found. It is available in throughout the United States, but with that there is so much supply so easily available and cheap.
  2. Durable: Pine is classified as a soft wood; it’s favorite of furniture makers because of its durability. Pine resists shrinking or swelling, though it can easily dent and become scratched.
  3. Customizable: Pine furniture also looks good with a simple clear coat of varnish or wax for a natural-looking finish that can suit a variety of decorating styles.
  4. Stylish: Pine is also a light colored wood and, when left unstained, can easily fit into both traditional and contemporary decorating styles.
  5. Sound Insulated: Pinewood, depending on its thickness, can be very effective at sound proofing. If you want a less noisy bedroom, using pinewood on your floors is a great option.

In addition to pine wood, there are more like Maranti wood from Malaysia and Maple wood flooring from Canada and other places. A modern timber company, Pine Exporters has its head office in Delhi and a distribution network spread throughout India to give you assured supplies of any quantity of pine wood, Maranti and Maple wood used for furniture, decorative purposes and in structural’s. We buy pine wood in bulk from reputed sources and process it in our saw mills using modern equipment followed by a quality grading process. This means we can supply the wood at best prices to suit exacting requirements if necessary, or general quality for less exacting purposes.



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